Mar 202012

Shahad Ali

Hi everyone!

I hope that all has been well since the last time we met.

The National Youth Forum on Climate Change took place at the Hyatt Regency in November of last year. As you may recall brilliant ideas came out of the Forum, but in terms of action, things have been a bit slow off the mark. I am hoping that is about to change. 

Most of you may remember me as the moderator for the Creative Arts Session at the Forum.. We are intending to push forward with one of the ideas that you all presented in that break out session.

This is the Eco Carnival Band idea. Now, I do not want us all to get intimidated because of action. Action in itself can be quite intimidating, but I assure you there is nothing intimidating about the execution of this idea. We can go how small or how big we would like, and still have the desired impact that we originally envisioned for Trinidad and Tobago, through this creative idea.

The plan is to have a meeting in a public space for the first weekend of April, either on the 7th or the 8th. We are looking at the University of the West Indies, since it is a central north location. I left options open for you guys. If the University of the West Indies is difficult for you, please let me know, and also please suggest another public space that we can meet that would probably be more convenient for others as well. In your response please also let me know which date is better for you, the 7th or the 8th. The meeting would also be about 2 hours long, so please indicate your preference for a two hour slot between between 10am-5pm.

Please email me your responses if interested at

Once you send me the email I would send you the draft agenda for the meeting.

We all are looking forward to a favourable response from each and every one of us. We are in this together!

Best Regards,

Shahad Ali


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