Apr 172012

Linda Hutchinson-Jafar

The Future I Want

By Linda Hutchinson-Jafar

Imagine…just imagine, if you had the power to change the world, what magic will you conjure up to transform Planet Earth? What would be your dreams, your aspirations and your desire to live in as near a perfect world as you possibly can?

Do we dare dream? With headlines on the international media network raging about poverty and starvation; drought and famine; discrimination and racism; violent uprisings; murder and mayhem, religious intolerance….. Could we then imagine a peaceful, caring world?

The ‘What kind of future do you want’ campaign by Rio + 20 offers people like me and you an opportunity to lend our voice to the global echoes about what kind of world we would like to live in; the global environment in which our children should live; and our grand-children and great-grand children and descendants thereafter.

On top of my list would have to be peace. Peace between neighbours in communities, peace in countries and peace between and among countries. The emphasis should always be on peace. Without a peaceful world, the alternative is an unthinkable future for all of us.
Despite the advancement in science and technology and all the material benefit these have brought us, humanitarian values haven’t progressed equally although we are now more inter-connected than ever through the Internet and all its social tools for easier interaction and communication.

But we must search for those peaceful solutions and options to settle conflicts and disagreements so that neighbours, communities and countries avoid blood-shedding and death. Going the extra mile in seeking out sustainable peaceful resolutions and compromise can lead to the world being a better place for the human family to live and co-exist.

More care, compassion and tolerance towards one another are other traits needed in this world if we are to achieve harmonious living and co-existence. We need to renew our basic human values in how we interact with our fellow-men, women and children and this will be test of our moral strength on a daily basis.

And, finally, care for a sustainable and healthy environment which our children will inherit. It means leaders of the world compromising and agreeing to implement policies that will reduce harm to the environment. It also means that ordinary folks will also do their part to protect and nurture our Earth as we pass it along to the next generation.

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